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Lead-Data Visualization Specialist – Machine Pulse – Mumbai (4-8 years of experience)

Jobs Admin 29 Jan, 2015 • 2 min read

Designation – Lead-Data Visualization Specialist

Location – Mumbai

About employerMachine Pulse

Job description:              


  • Implement dashboards and visualization at a fast pace for a startup.
  • Design and create visualizations of new high-impact visual applications to make data actionable and facilitate decision making for the clients.
  • Understand business and data requirements to support the Predictive/Machine Learning/Big Data Analytics Team and product manager, and iteratively design visualizations for initial concepts and prototypes that can be presented to customers for feedback.
  • Collaboratively identify the best means to visually depict the intermediate as well as final data analytics results in ways to provide effective processes to mine new insights and assist in decision making to solve complex problems.
  • Apply design and data analysis techniques to organize the presentation of data in visually innovative ways in order to make it easier to understand, insightful, and actionable by end users.
  • Work with product teams to provide subject matter expertise throughout the production implementation of visually oriented products and applications.
  • Lead the complete lifecycle of visual analytical applications – from development of mock-ups & storyboards to complete production ready application.
  • Manage a repository of re-usable data visualization templates and views.

Qualification and Skills Required

  • Tech/M.Tech/Ph.d/BS/MS or equivalent
  • Knowledge of following tools for rapid prototyping:
  • Tableau, Qlikview, Pentaho – Important
  • Microstrategy, Yellow Fin, Informatica, Cognos, SAS
  • More than 4-8 years of experience in data visualization, data analysis, and/or business intelligence
  • Experience in developing many different types of visualizations, including visual analytics; real-time visualization; visualizations for interactive data exploration; narrative/editorially-guided visualizations; time series analysis methods.
  • Strong experience designing and presenting complex data sets in visually compelling formats.
  • Passion for transforming large amount of data into compelling visual stories to facilitate analysis and decision-making
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Very good understanding of RDBMs and NoSQL databases.
  • Ability to script complex queries.
  • Knowledge of Big Data platforms is preferred.
  • Understanding of various data visualization charts to provide the optimum solution for the client.
  • Knowledge of real time and historical data visualization for time series data.
  • Good in data warehousing and ETL tools.
  • Knowledge of open source visualization tools like D3js, NVD3js, Raphaeljs, Rickshawjsetcis preferred.

Interested people can apply for this job can mail their CV to [email protected] with subject as Lead-Data Visualization Specialist – Machine Pulse – Mumbai

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Jobs Admin 29 Jan 2015

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