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Kunal Jain 24 Sep, 2015
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Analytics training landscape in India is evolving quickly and I have been lucky to be involved in this evolution. Outside of Analytics Vidhya, I spend some time teaching as a visiting faculty at Great Lakes Institute of Management. It gives me a lot of satisfaction and sense of fulfilment. While I was teaching at Great Lakes recently, I caught up with Mr. Hari Krishnan Nair, Admissions Director Great Lakes PGPBA Program, who mentioned that Great Lakes is launching its Business Analytics program to Bangalore, India.

As you might know, Great Lakes Institute of Management (PGPBA Program) already has a beautiful lush green campus in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and a campus in Delhi-NCR. They are a premier management institute and have been running their analytics program for more than a couple of years now.

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Bangalore has a flourishing ecosystem of tech professionals (including data science and business analytics), so it makes complete sense to have a Bangalore presence for this program. But, I was still inquisitive to know more details about the program. Also, it would only a matter of time, when we start getting queries from our readers about this program. So, it is better to be pro-active and prepared.

After the discussion, I am convinced that with their Bangalore campus, they have given aspiring data science professionals around Bangalore an exciting option to learn analytics. Below are some excerpts of my conversation with Hari:


KJ: What is the objective behind launching the analytics program ?

Hari: The program is designed for working professionals who cannot quit their jobs but at the same time would like to build their competencies in business analytics. Our business analytics program has been designed to cater to these professionals and we bring immense experience of understanding the career needs of these professionals through our past experience. We have been running this program for ~2 years and it is one of the best programs offered in the country.


KJ: After Chennai and Gurgaon, why are you launching this program in Bangalore?

Hari: Since the inception of Great Lakes business analytics program (Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics), we have seen a large number of professionals from Bangalore participating in the program. Currently around 34% of the professionals across our Chennai and Gurgaon programs are from Bangalore. Several companies with whom we interact have been suggesting us to take some initiative in delivering the PGPBA program in Bangalore to nurture the analytics talent in the IT hub of our country.


KJ: What would be the structure of this PGPBA program?

Hari: Great Lakes PGPBA program is focused on business and application aspects of analytics thereby preparing candidates for managerial and techno-functional roles. The initial modules include dealing with subjects like Business Finance, Marketing & CRM, Supply chain management & operations, statistics, etc.

Later in the program these subjects are linked with analytics with subjects like: Finance and risk analytics, marketing & retail analytics, web and social media analytics, supply chain and logistics analytics, etc. along with certain subjects related to domain application of analytics.

This program also features a capstone project (live project) which candidates undergo for around 3 months. The program is co-created and co-delivered with industry professional from leading analytics organizations.


KJ: Who is best suited to join this program?

Hari: The program has been endorsed by around 500+ professionals within a span of little over 2 years.  Professionals joining the program range within work experience of 8 to 9 years with minimum work experience of 2 years and the highest which has gone till date is 28 years. The batch is a perfect picture of diversity across CXO’s and industry leaders, mid-career executives and young professionals

The class consists of candidates in leadership position such as President, Vice president, Business Unit heads, Associate directors etc. In addition to these leadership roles the class is composed of candidates across project management, quality assurance, team leads, module leads, engineering and business analyst roles

Majority of the candidates are from IT and Technology field followed by Analytics and consulting, BFSI, Healthcare, telecom and more.

These professionals come from organizations like Cognizant, Accenture, IBM, Infosys, Deloitte, Amazon, Honeywell, Reliance, TATA AIA,  Bank of America, Oracle, Cisco, IBM and more such reputed organizations


KJ: What are the tools covered in this program? How about the faculty?

Hari: The tools covered in this program are SAS, R and Tableau. The teaching faculties are from Great Lakes (Chennai and Gurgaon) and Industry faculty from leading analytics companies.


KJ: Would you offer placement services as part of this program?

We do not have formal placement process. However, to ensure uninterrupted flow of career opportunities for students, we undertake certain career support activities such as:

  • We share the Job description from different companies who are looking forward to recruit from our program
  • Companies who have shared JD’s in recent past are: Amazon, Genpact, Value Labs, Accenture, MuSigma, The Smart Cube, Fractal Analytics, L&T Analytics, TVS, American Express, Cipla, etc.
  • Apart from this there are certain oriented sessions are organized with the help of senior industry professionals. These activities include: CV preparation, career oriented guest lectures, and personal guidance sessions for interested candidates etc.
  • Peer networking as well as networking with industry professionals who teach in the program has also been a major factor in candidates getting job opportunities


KJ: Exciting! When does Bangalore batch begin?

Hari: We are slated to start the first batch in our Bangalore centre in the mid of September, 2015. Admission process for the same has already begun: Last Date for submission of application for Bangalore centre is 31st August, 2015


KJ: Where are the classes going to be held and what will be the format?

Hari: Bangalore centre for PGPBA program will be in HSR layout. Classroom sessions will be held one weekend every month which will be supplemented by online webinars.


KJ: How to apply / register for this program?

Hari: Here is the link:  Apply Now

As mentioned, this looks like a worthy offering from a premier institute in India. If you are some one based in Bangalore and are considering a move in analytics, this program is worth considering!

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Kunal Jain 24 Sep, 2015

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Krishna Mohan
Krishna Mohan 13 Aug, 2015

Could not find this on Great Lakes website - what is the duration of this course - 1 year?

Neil Gupta
Neil Gupta 13 Aug, 2015

Hi Krishna, The duration of the course is 11 months and is delivered as classroom lectures and online sessions. The details are available under the program section of the website and the path is Programs > Corporate tab> PGPBA. Simultaneously, if you want to use our website please visit Thanks Neil

Mayank Sharma
Mayank Sharma 13 Aug, 2015

Thanks for such an informative article Kunal.I am into ITIS domain and have recently joined the analytics program of Analytics Training Institute,Bangalore with a long term vision of doing a course from either Great Lakes or ISB. I would like to connect with you for some of my personal queries considering my plan to move from ITIS to a totally different domain.How should I reach out to you?

Srihita 14 Nov, 2015

Hi, The PGPBA course commencement date for Bangalore campus is shown as Jan29,2015 currently in the website. While all the other campuses are showing it as 2016. Could you please clarify if it is 2015 or 2016? You have mentioned that the last date for applications is 31stAugust. But I was able to submit the application now also. Does that mean that the applications submitted now are considered only for other 3 campuses and not Bangalore campus?

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