Online Hackathon: Predict the gem of Auxesia for Magazino!

Kunal Jain 16 Sep, 2015
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Just wanted to announce the launch of online hackathon. We have got an exciting problem for our publishing friend Magazino!

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Brief about Magazino

Magazino, was started by a few technoprenuers about a year back, who wanted to bring data science to publishing. They believed that current media houses are not doing justice to what should be served to people and with use of Big Data they can get a fair differentiation in their offering.

In the last one year, Magazino has done a lot of experimentation with publishing several topics and content. They have made sure that they capture all the data at the back end. Now, they want to put a bit of science to predict which articles get shared on social media, which ones don’t! To that extent, they have stored social media performance of ~24,875 articles they have published till date along various attributes.


What is the gem of Auxesia?

Auxesia is the goddess of growth and prosperity in Greek mythology! Finding articles which can go viral in today’s age is like being blessed with a gem from Auxesia. So, you have to find out these gems for Magazino!

You can download the dataset and learn about its attribute on our discussion portal. You will need to drop a message and login to participate.


Solution Checker:

The evaluating criteria for this problem would be Root Mean Square error (RMSE). The URL of the solution checker is:

You can also access the leaderboard on



The contest ends at midnight of 12 – 13 July, Indian Standard Time (GMT + 5:30). To submit the solution, you need to send an email to [email protected]


Looking forward to see you in the contest!

Kunal Jain 16 Sep, 2015

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D 11 Jul, 2015 seems not to be working. Please update us ASAP.

Munish 15 Jul, 2015

can you make the dataset available for practice? For the persons, who could not join in contest time period ?

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