Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit, Las Vegas, NV, USA, Mar 30th – 1st April 2015

Karthe 13 Feb, 2015
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Gaining analytics advantage has now become one of the top priority of organization these days. Professionals in analytics industry are keen to upgrade their sets of skills to deliver the required advantage of analytics. Tapping the new tools, techniques, digital management & governance strategies allows companies to improve their operational & workforce efficiency.

Why should you attend?

Screenshot - 2 1. You will be able to develop customized Business Intelligence skills necessary to gain success in the analytics domain.

2. You will be able to understand the holistic impact of advanced analytics on business.

3. You will get the opportunity of networking with leading industry experts & professionals.

4. If you are keen to grow your advanced analytics skill set, this event is just for you.


Who all will be there?

There will be a massive gathering of leading industry experts. Below are the few delegates:-

Screenshot - 3

The Guest Keynote at this event will be delivered by is a globally well-renowned persona. He’s a producer, director and screenwriter. Take a Guess!


Are you keen to know more about this incredibly amazing event? Have questions in your mind. No worries! Click here, and get more information on this event.


Karthe 13 Feb, 2015

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