Chief Data Strategy Forum, Boston, MA, USA, March 30th – 31st, 2015

Karthe 13 Feb, 2015
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Data is considered to be a ‘strategic asset’ for an organization. The significance of data in world of business has gone up over the last decade. Chief Data Officer, the newly emerged professional, is considered to know the spells which can easily unravel the invaluable insights made from data.  Chief Data Strategy Forum 2015 will showcase all the leading data experts from well known brands, sharing their perspectives on the future of data centric business intelligence and its implications on improved decision making.


Why should you attend?

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  1. You will get complete understanding of the role of Chief Data Officer, forthcoming opportunities and its significance in your business.
  2. You will explore various technologies & strategies driven by advanced analytics, customer insights,target marketing & various other tools that will help you in getting an edge-over your competitors.
  3. You will learn to implement & analyze innovations, best practices for    data governance, including effective data management, ensuring data quality to be able to optimally utilize data.
  4. Networking with industry colleagues and experts will allow you to learn more about sophisticated data strategies & business intelligence.


Who are the Expert Speakers?

Below are the speakers featuring exclusively at this event:



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Karthe 13 Feb, 2015

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