A small break to celebrate!

Kunal Jain 29 May, 2015
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Let me not give it away simply….


Assuming that today’s date is T and T – 1 represents yesterday.


Further, If I represent the hours in which I sleep by 0 and the ones in which I am awake by 1, this is what has happened to my sleeping pattern lately:



Any guess, why this happened?

Well, I can’t hold it any further now…

We have been blessed with a baby girl and it feels great to be a father!

I am taking a small break to celebrate the occasion, but I promise to be back soon!

Till then, enjoy learning Analytics!

Kunal Jain 29 May, 2015

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Responses From Readers


Ravi 28 Aug, 2013

Congrats! Have a great time with her!!!!

Mathan 28 Aug, 2013

My Hearty Congratulations!!! :)

kiran 28 Aug, 2013


santosh shriyan
santosh shriyan 28 Aug, 2013

Kunal - heartiest congratulations.......I had a similar pattern 2.5 months back and we were blessed with a baby girl......let me assure you one thing ...this pattern wont change much for the next few weeks ( if not months) :)........one more thing....every day will be a new blessing, miracle, enjoy the joyride!

Jay 28 Aug, 2013

Congrats :)

Bhaskar 29 Aug, 2013

Congratulations Kunal! Enjoy your time.

R Shankara Narayanan
R Shankara Narayanan 01 Sep, 2013

My Hearty Congratulations Mate!!!!!! Have a nice time with your Little Princess!!!!!!!

Sheeba 04 Sep, 2013

Congrats! and what an Awesome way to reveal it! :D

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