AV Data Fest 2016 data science competition

Analytics Vidhya is proud to announce its successful completion of 3 years. On this special occasion, we’ve planned to devote a 10 day thrilling steak for the development of analytics community. We have received an incredible support from people around the world. And, that has made us the largest analytics community globally.

We believe that it’s time to pay back to the community in a thrilling way. We hope we have been able to enhance your knowledge in analytics & data science. It’s time to play!

We have organized various short duration high prizes competitions. This AV Data Fest 2016, each one of you has the chance to win INR 230,000 (~$3500) in 12 days!

Whether you are an experienced professional, intermediate user or a young blood striving hard to learn analytics,  this fest has something for everyone. Watch out!



The Seer’s Accuracy (29th April – 1st May’16)

Our Signature Hackathon is back with a new avatar! We celebrated Black Friday, we even got our Last Man Standing, but this time the we are looking for a Seer’s whose magical powers (with data) are formidable. Nobody in this world would predict better than him / her on that day. Let’s see what you are destined to be!

The Seer's Accuracy

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The Strategist  (23rd April 2016, 8pm to 10pm)

Strategy is one the most over used words in Management Books. But, works wonder when applied rationally. This April, get ready to discover a strategist in you. Yes, there sits a strategist in you!

Be it sports, politics, business, warfare or any other field, strategy has a major role to play. Winning this competition requires no prior knowledge of tools or analytics, but simple general aptitude. Go for it!

the strategist strategic thinking competition

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The Creative Analyst (24th April 2016, Full Day)

Analyst are known to be logical and analytical in thinking! But, when an analyst learns to use ‘creativity’, (s)he start rising above all! The Creative Analyst aims to discover the hidden creative quotient in analysts. It’s just a game of numbers, colors and shapes. That’s it! But, the challenge would be who does the best?

You can use any tool available on planet earth. Can you beat it?

the creative analyst data visualization competition

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Experiments with Data (20th April – 1st May’16)

Lots of young aspirants and beginners have shown interest in data science & analytics. But, the lack of guidance and accessible resources have resulted in a major roadblock. We intend to make way smoother for them.

Experiments with Data is a 12 day analytics workshop only for beginners in data science. This is best suited for people who have zero knowledge of analytics and wish to see themselves successful in this industry one day. It covers all important topics from scratch. Ready to take your first step?

experiments with data analytics workshop for beginners

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More Competitions Coming Soon…